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Exotic Fibre Farm

Featuring Alpacas ( Alpaca Fibre ) - Shetland Sheep ( Shetland Wool )
Colored Angora Goats ( Colored Mohair ) - Spanish Goats / Cashmere Goats ( Cashmere )
66 Devine West Rd.
Erb Settlement, New Brunswick, Canada
E5P 3E8
Phone:  506-433-3301 or 506-434-3302
email:  info@dwranch.ca

Goats For Sale

DWR Spartan
Dam Irish Rose
Sire Ivan

Very nice purebred Spanish buck that produces stunning  cashmere,
excellent conformation and structure with the Canadian Cashmere
Producers Association

Asking $350.00




Proven Does
Saanen X Spanish 3 available
$125.00 each
all three are white sire is Ivan




Spanish x Saanan Doelings
sire Isiah
grand sire Ivan
one black with white on head
one beige
one white with small brown spot on side
four white
$75.00 each


Saanan x Spanish Bucklings
four white
one beige

$50.00 as pets





Angora Buckling
one available
This fellow is very friendly, he will make an excellent pet.  He has
been bottle fed and loves attention.  He will need to be sheared 2 x per
year to keep his mohair weight down.

$75.00 as pet






Cashmere Doelings and Buckling
The doelings one black with small spot of white on her head is very
friendly and likes attention.  Second doeling is white.  Sire of both is Ivan. Doelings are $250.00 each if purchase by the age of 6 months otherwise they will be bred and for sale for $350.00 each in the fall.

We have two bucklings for sale as pets, one is a very light tan and the other is white, they are both for sale for $75.00 each.



Spanish Male Bucks Proven

stud fees $25.00







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